Monday, May 20, 2013

Foodie Blog -- RoadHouse Cafe, Bhatbhateni

All the opinions are entirely mine and hopefully, few others who are reading this can post their view as well in here for the review.

After a gap of about 2 months, we had a small lunch session yesterday at the RoadHouse Cafe in Bhatbhateni. The occasion was to mark Bunny's Birthday bash. Me and a couple of family went for the lunch. Firstly, I am a big fan of RoadHouse Cafe.  The Crispy Potato Skin always allured me no matter whether I am hungry or not. But same was not the case yesterday.

Due to Rastriya Prajatantra Party(RPP)'s closed session, reaching there was hectic with all the traffic chaos. I don't know why the Danthes' & Traffic Dai's turn their eyes away as soon as there is something with the political figures. The guard there had to ask where we were going before he even opened up the gate for motorcycle parking. Guess he is quite fed up with all the parking done by the Karyekartas of RPP.

The feel-good ambiance of the RoadHouse Cafe certainly calm me down. After a couple of minutes, the waiter came up with the regular menu. One thing I would like to comment at this point is: even after coming to sit at the table, I can't believe the waiter didn't serve us even a glass of water. I think this is too commercialization of the restaurant. After going through the menu, though I know by heart what to order and what not to from there, we ordered 1 Crispy Skin potato, 1 Ham and Pineapple Pizza, 1 Cesar wrap without Bacon, 2 cokes and 1 Vanilla Shake.

The cutlery arrived nice and clean. 

Normally to date, I have to wait for more than 15 minutes for our orders to arrive and normally they arrive as entree, main and desert. But to our dismay, everything arrived at once. So when we were having our Potato Skin, the pizza has gone cold. Even the Crispy Potato Skin was not so crispy. It was kindda soggy which made it gross. The Ham and Pineapple had not much pineapple. So after a couple of slices, I dropped it. The major disappointment was the Cesar wrap. It was sorta like Pig food. Some spinach, cold chicken salad dressing wrapped in the 'maida ko roti'. Yuckk...even though the portion was not large, three of us couldn't finish it.

Dismayed, we instead order up the RoadHouse Chicken wings. I knew about them as I had already ordered it before today. The numbers of it has increased which is a pleasure. I had the disappointment of ordering it and coming only 5 wings on my plate once. 

After that, we order Sizzling Brownies which are the best I have ever tasted in the whole of Kathmandu valley till date. But the disappointment continued with the Brownie being very pasty. We couldn't even finish it. The supposedly Hot Chocolate seems to be directly made from the canned powder and felt like eating Lacto chocolate.

It has been an under experience for all of us. With such hype, I seriously think they should have maintained their wholesome experience. I will be most certainly back but now not with it being one of my favorite restaurant.

Next Stop, Little Italy.

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