Thursday, April 23, 2015

MC750 SmartSpace Motorcycle Battery Charger

Sitting a world apart from USA, it is very stressful ordering electronic goods using the only available resource in Nepal, I have been in need of a battery tender for a long time as time and again, my bike has given up on the ageing battery. I would have gone straight ahead and replaced the battery and the problem would have been solved, as stated by my mechanic friend, Mr. Prakash. But I wanted a solution, not a repetitive problem. Even if I put up a new battery, the same problem was going to re-appear as I don’t ride my bike much these days. So, looking up for the alternatives, I found many of them on amazon and others. But as luck sometimes find your way, I accidentally came across Motorcycle Superstore. The descriptions fitted nicely as per my need and hola, it was on SALE. We don’t leave the products we get on SALE, right ?? 😜
Not to bore you with the technical specifications, I am posting the direct link below. If you want, you can go check out yourselves.
After going through nervy waiting period of more than 2 months, not to blame US party here, it was Harilo’s shipping consignment that got delayed, I finally got my hands on MC750 SmartSpace Motorcycle Battery Charger. During that period, I had been looking for review online and what I found was that there was a previous product, MC1000 and the reviews were not that good. The wiring was all messed up in that one. I was so troubled hearing that as I had the SAE eyelets and I was planning to use the MC750 in two of my motorcycles.
Later, the review started to pour on the motorcycle superstore product page, that the deficiency from the previous product was removed and it was now SAE compatible; I breathed the sigh of relief.
MC750 SmartSpace Motorcycle Battery Charger
MC750 Battery Charger
It came all nicely packed up with a bunch of motorcycle superstore stickers. I had been planning to put some in my niece’s KTM Duke 390 and sending the pictures back to them. Hey, there is a chance of grabbing 100$ worth of goodies right. The package included the charger, a set of crocodile clamps, a SAE connector and a user manual. Installing was pretty straight forward. Nothing complicated.
Coming back 4 months later, the charger is still working fine. IT DOESN’T BRING A DEAD BATTERY BACK TO LIFE, but it works great as a tender. The quality seems bit flimsy but hey its holding up nicely. The long cable is a plus. The only minor drawback I found was the green light tends to disappear.
Give it a shake, and it will glow back bright.
A must have if you keep your motorcycle in storage like me. It is way cheaper than replacing those batteries and btw, just in case you are missing your skipping rope, you can use its 12′ long cord. Inspiration:Motorcycle Superstore Youtube Video;)
I will give it a nice 3.5 stars out of 5.

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