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My trek to Kangin Gumpa, Langtang in October 2003

Day 1 - October 19th, 2003
0800 hrs - Left the premises of the hotel.
0930 hrs - Some Sight seeing on the way
1200 hrs - Lunch at Trishuli bazaar
0300 hrs - Arrived at Ramche bazaar
               - Walked for 1 hour (massive landslide of about 1 KM )

0600 hrs - First Stop after walking for nearly 3 hours. Hotel Tibet Mountain View, Dhunche. 2000 mtrs above sea level.

Day 2 - October 20th, 2003
0630 hrs - Woke up early in the morning. Had Tea and prepared for the next walk.
0820 hrs - Left Hotel towards Syabroo
1000 hrs - Rest at a small tea stall, had a pack of biscuit. Saw Jhumki (a cross between Yak and Cow) for the first time in my life.
1215 hrs - Lunch hour
1300 hrs - Left the group early to reserve hotel room in Hotel Peace.
At the way, saw Ban Khukhura (Wild Chickens) and Baboons.

Day 3 - October 21st, 2003
0800 hrs - Left hotel and had a 2 hour hike. Met Army personals on the way. They were in civil dress and I freaked out thinking they were Maoist.
1000 hrs - Lunch at Bamboo hotel. The river and the location made in a paradise. It was Serene Nirvana.
1100 hrs - Left Bamboo Hotel for Rimche. Most exhausting walk of the day.
1405 hrs - Reached Rimche. Had afternoon snacks. Rendezvous point for all of us after the tiring climb.

Day 4 - October 22nd, 2003
Guman chock Elevation 2770 mts.
Climate was little cold.
Reached Ghode Tabala after a short hike. Met with a National Park checkpost. Elevation 3048 mts. The place was like the forbidden jungle from the famous movie Harry Potter.
Reached Thangsyap, lunch at Hotel Buddha. Altitude - 3200 mtrs.
Reached Langtang, final stop at Hotel Eco. Altitude - 3500 mtrs. Had dinner with Yak Steak and stew. Yum it was tasty.

Day 5 - October 23rd, 2003

  • Left Hotel at 8 am.
  • Shortest route of the trek.
  • Had break for a couple of time with nice and wide roads.
  • Arrived at Kyanjin Gompa at the midday. Altitude 3749 mtrs.
  • Nice place to arrive.
  • After lunch, had a short hiking to a mountain of about 200 mtrs.
  • The whole day was tensed after a girl from our group went missing.
  • Rajesh dai and Narayan sir has gone to search. She arrived and they went missing. :-(
  • We had our share of 'Bheda ko Masu' - Lamb chops though it was meant for another trekking group. :D
  • Very cold at the night. I can see the snow falling in the Langtang Himal through my bedroom. Majestic scene as if the mountain has changed into Golden yellow color.
Day 6 - October 24th, 2003
  • Woke up at 0430 hrs for the trip to Chyarkhuri Peak. Alt 4800 mtrs
  • We walk and walk and walk but I just couldn't reach the peak. 
  • Fear of altitude sickness and the narrow paths didn't help.
  • Once place, I had to walk with all my four limbs. If someone had captured it in the movie stills, it would have been hilarious. The running Yaks made life difficult.
  • Had cheese and Garlic all the way so that there is no altitude sickness.
  • Finally after 8 hrs of trek, reached the peak. Even a slight wind brought a heap of snow on the face. Loving it.
  • Had already made up my mind that I won't be returning the way I came. Was too afraid. Thankfully, Tirtha our sherpa told us that there is an easier way down from the Tibet side. Phew.


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