Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Burger Shack...A paradise for Burger Lovers

Wandering around New Road, my brother and I were looking for a good place to have 'khaja'. I had in particular, Trishara in mind but then suddenly out of nowhere I said 'Burger Shack'. I have heard of this place and in particular praises only. So, after searching the Internet, the address mentioned was Jawalakhel and contact number. Armed with that particular information, off we went in search of the place. We started looking up the place from Pulchock itself. To my surprise, the place as mentioned was in the chock itself besides NTC on the way to Kumaripati.

Parking can be done in the sideways and shouldn't be a big problem as there were ample space.
The place was little smaller than what I thought it would be and seemed to be a rather like an American diner. I asked for the rest room and was promptly shown the way. The place was clean and the ambiance was rather pleasant. There were very few people, may be due to the fact that we were way past the "lunch hour".

Going through the menu, we ordered BBQ Sauce Burger and Double Chicken. When asked for the refreshment, I think he was the owner, he recommended the Lemon Mint Refresher. It was absolutely refreshing and we loved it. The refreshment was provided very fast. I love the fast services. The burgers followed. We didn't know what to expect. But the very first bite, and both of us were smiling. We knew that it was delicious and we both loved it. So much so that I even forgot to take pictures of those delicious burgers. The burger was filling in portion but we ordered our self another round for the road.

We are definitely going there in the future and hopefully, try all the varieties.
The place is clean and hygienic. I also noticed the notice board where they claim that all the vegetables are cleaned with Iodized water. NO SMOKING always makes me happy. :)
A big thumbs up.

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