Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Owning a Superbike -- You are the focal point


Back in ’98 while preparing for our Iron Gate exam of SLC, we had to wake up early and go to the school so that we can have group discussions on various subject matters. Pokhara as you know need no introduction. I was born and brought up there. With the numbers of Lahures in there and the increasing trends of showing-off within themselves, it was just a matter of time for everything to happen in there, be it in a positive or negative ways. Our school was about a kilometer or so far and all we do were walk along. Then out of nowhere, we always used to hear this strange whirling noise in far distant and before being able to recognize and understand it, the bike used to disappear in the smoke and dust. The only thing we discuss within our friends is “तैले त्यो बाईक देखिस्!!! कस्तो दामी/खतरा बाईक”. That bike left a very lasting impression on my young mind that was to change the course of my life forever.

Fast forward 14 years, and here I am owning a Supersports and longing for another, I will attempt to express the feeling of riding a Supersports motorcycle that we all passionately know as SUPERBIKE. This article will try to include feeling of the orgasmic pleasures of riding such bike and the various dangers/problems we encounter after owning one.


About 2 years back in '09, I bought the then fresh R15 and instantly felt in love with it. So much so that within 6 days I did a 600 km trip in a single day with a sore back for about a week after that. :D That's a story for another day. Back then while returning, I saw 2 CBRs doing a very fast overtaking manouvers in Malekhu. It was so hyptonising seeing those superbikes then and there. I tried to keep up but fell miserably. So, came the thought of owning one of such bike. It was all about saving for the deary winters then but the lure of owning such one was too hard to resist.


August 2011, I was already enquiring on many blogs and forum including our RyderzSyndicate about the superbikes available in Nepal. The topic "Honda Wings Showroom opened in Teku" was an eye-opener. The topic included pictures of most the bikes available at there. I was in awe with the Blue Hornet pictured there. Gathering all the information required beforehand owning a Superbike, I posted an AD on a local Buy/Sell site. It was quite a task waiting for someone to call. After a few days, I got a call that they have a R1 on SALE. It was not what I was expecting. I had done a test ride on R1 from Kantipath and I must admit it scared the shit out of me then. I politely refused and asked him if there were any CBRs. To my surprise, he did say that there is one but the price was quoted on higher side that my alloted budget. It was agreed that we meet on Durbar Marga to see the bike. There was no intention of buying the bike then. It was just "let's see how the bike was". I asked my friend to pick me up and off we went to Durbar Marga. Just when we reached there, I again heard those familiar sound of the I4s. Then there was the CBR looking absolutely stunning. Never mind what I thought before, I was definitely going to buy this one.

After nearly 14 years of dreaming, scrutizing each and every blogs/forums/sites, the CeeBeeRRR was going to be mine. My brother also came by and I asked their opinions. They were quite positive on the bike. It was a dream come true situation for me. I asked for a test ride. Having already ridden CBR and R1, I was quite familiar with the posture. I inserted the key and heard this very familiar whizzing sound from the Fuel Pump. The consoles lit up. I looked at all the figures appearing bold from orange backlit screens. There was no neutral. So, I just depressed the Clutch and pressed on the self-start. The bike did not start at all. I did one or two tries and Worry lines started to appear. I was already nervous and this was making me buckle under my knee. The owner also came around and tried to fire her up but she promptly refused. Then after a few tries, we noticed that the side-stand was down. That was such a funny and nervous break down to both of us. :) I again pressed on the Self-Starter button and the engine comes to life. If ever the hardcore bikers love the music, it was the sound coming from his or her bike. This was it for the biker in me. The CeeBeeRRR was ready to rock and roll my life.

My Honda CBR600RR 07
Again depressing the clutch, I engaged the 1st gear. With a loud thud of the gear, I gently released the clutch and easing the bike on the road. My friend who was with me there was quite suspectible of me being able to ride a Superbike. He was quite glad that I did it okay first time. Knowing the powers that were in mercy of my Right wrist, I gently wrung the accelerator. It was such a joy ride that I decided that this was going to be mine. After the ride, the owner had asked me "How do you feel ??" The reply I think he was not expecting that, "How do you yourself feel while riding this bike?" He knew what I meant. There were no words on the whole world to describe how it feels. The financial deals were settled. I was a proud owner of the bike on the day Sept 13th, 2011. While returning from Yatayat, Rain God did shower his blessings on me. ;)