Saturday, July 29, 2017

The anxiety of working

Regardless of what we want to do, we are always stuck with things we don't want to do or want to be doing. The monotonous lifestyle is bit boring when you can think of number of things you should be doing for yourself. I would rather eat my heart out in all these beautiful and delicious eateries rather than work in my table. I would also go on riding to the unknown places and live the adventure. But unfortunately it is not so.

When I hear "Refreshed and Raring to go after my vacation", basically I just hear "Oh no!!! I have to go back to that hellhole to work again". Do I want to be working like that ? Hell No! I want to enjoy what I am doing. But to enjoy I need to do what I feel like doing.

Basically, if try to milk an Ox, you know what you will get.

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