Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living like in Hell

The last couple of days have been completely disgusting for my liking. With the Load Shedding in Kathmandu showing no signs of getting reduced, all of us have been heavily dependent on UPS and Inverters. Besides that, the frequent high voltage that NEA sends(What the Hell they think that we need high voltages when there is electricity) is killing all my electrical appliances.

The Redundant Power Supply(RPS) of my HG4000 got blown when the lights came. It's still a miracle that my laptop, the Router and the UPS is still intact. Though even the UPS gave me a scare when it showed Overload and NO BATTERY CONNECTED signal. Now thanks to NEA, I have to order the RPS from Israel and it costs over USD400.

Tried all the possible ways to repair the blown RPS but it still seems that despite all the claims these Electrical engineers make, they are still lagging much behind with the world. Thank goodness, I didn't opt for Electrical Engineering. Think what would I have done, if I couldn't even do my own electronics.

I have to thank UTM and Ofir for their cordial help in ordering the RPS from Israel that soon. Hopefully, everything will be back and God willing, I will be back soon.

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