Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup watching experience

Have been in very pissed off mode right now so starting to get out all my frustration here. It is a tense evening with England needing nothing less than a win to qualify for next round. I have had the Subisu Cable installed just to watch the World Cup and what I found out today was they switched off the channel S3 from where the match was supposed to come live. And to add insult to injury what they do is they ask users to view the Match in that Crap Channel Avenues with that Signal which I am sure is copied from somewhere. They can't even show their own logo clearly how they are suppose to broadcast that game clearly.

Have anyone been experiencing the same problem Huh Let's unite and raise our voice against so called autocracy in Cable Television by the Cable TV Associations. We have got our own right to choose which channel we want to view the World Cup.

Aaba Yestai ho bhane ta bholi parsi aaune D2H Service PRovider haru le ni world cup herna na dina sakcha....As for me, I am already thinking of taking an Indian Setup box...tyo f**king Nepali NEWS channel haru baru herdina.

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