Thursday, May 13, 2010

Girl in my Life

"In life, we are always asked to compromise. But if it's compromise over love, then what's the meaning of life. Life turns out to be so plain. This poem is about the girl I met, and we both wanted to start a new life, but the human-created barriers tend to take a major sway..."

Girl in My Life
Why is it that, LOVE,
Always reminiscent a dove!
Known as a symbol of love,
With no boundaries above!

One day a girl I met,
And thought my life was set.
We met, we spoke,
Rules of life we always broke.

The girl I met again and again,
Which I could never restrain.
Late I realized the love game,
My heart already started play'n.

We always dream of being together,
But, am scared, will be crushed like a feather.
Its hard to make our hearts understand,
That our destiny's are already planned.

No matter what we do in life,
But always have to strive.
With the good and the bad,
That's what makes me feel real sad.

Trying to idealize,
With whatever I have realized.
But, I wish I could write my future,
With endless bliss of which I could nurture.

By Benhur Soans

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