Wednesday, March 20, 2019

For all my motorcycle travellers friends from India and Abroad, see this blog first ???

With the buffering of YouTube now NIL, the favorite past time for most of us is to couch surfing the Internet from the comfort of our laptops and mobiles. I think we all can comfortably raise our hands when I say most of us do watch YouTube videos to past our time. May the the content of the videos might be different but in general, what we do to past our time is the usage of either the social media or the YouTube.

I would like to call myself an avid motorcycle enthusiast and try to keep up the current trend in the two-wheeler market. I have been the Webmaster of the two-wheeler website for past 10 years and in-fact I have an obligation to keep track of the motorcycle world. Had to mention - Big fan of Vale 46. So obviously my YouTube video playlist has lots and lots of motorcycle video contents. From like when my Indian friends used to post vlogs on Nepal way past the YouTube was bandwidth friendly to now each week us getting new vlogs from our Indian friends on motorcycles, I love watching them and keeping track on how they relate motorcycles in Nepal. Common theme is "We love motorcycles and We love to Travel".


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