About Me

My name is Saroj Shrestha, and I’m a PHP programmer and web developer. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Pokhara and currently reside in the capital city, Kathmandu.
I moved to Kathmandu right after graduating my Bachelors of Computer Science to start a new life and my career as a web programmer. I made the decision to quit working on companies and start my own freelance business when I was on my mid-20s after some unexpected turns in my personal  life.
This decision led me into some new opportunities and helped me to meet many great people and enjoy new experiences.
Today, I lead a number of web projects independently. I run my blog where I share my knowledge and I also write occasional tutorials to help other upcoming programmers to improve their skills and learn how to program beautiful and effective websites.

Being an absolute foodie, many of my friends wonder how much food can I devour. There are less known foods that doesn't agree with my palate. Need a friend sharing food, you know whom to call. Just kidding!!! ;)

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