Sunday, April 7, 2024

Why I Chose Not to Join a Job After 19 Years of Work ???


As I reflect on my 19-year journey in the workforce, I find myself at a crossroads. The conventional path would lead me to another job, perhaps with a corner office, a steady paycheck, and a predictable routine. But instead, I’ve decided to take a different route—one that diverges from the norm and challenges societal expectations. In this blog post, I’ll share my reasons for not joining a job after dedicating 19 years to work.

The Call of Adventure

  • The Urge to Create
    Throughout my career, I’ve been a cog in the corporate machine. I’ve optimized processes, met deadlines, and contributed to the bottom line. But deep down, I’ve always yearned to create something of my own—a novel, a piece of art, a startup, or even a whimsical invention. The allure of uncharted territory beckons me—an adventure where I can shape my destiny rather than follow a predetermined path.
  • The Quest for Meaning
    Job titles and promotions no longer satisfy my hunger for purpose. I crave work that aligns with my values, that leaves a lasting impact beyond Coding and PowerPoint presentations. Perhaps it’s the midlife crisis knocking at my door, but I want my legacy to be more than just a LinkedIn profile. Infact I am so fedup, I have left my LinkedIn profile in a mess. I want it etched in the hearts of those I touch, whether through mentorship, writing, or acts of kindness.

The Road Less Traveled

  • Freedom and Autonomy
    Jobs come with constraints—office hours, dress codes, and hierarchical structures. But what if I could break free from these shackles? The allure of remote work, freelancing, or entrepreneurship tempts me. The ability to set my own schedule, work from a beachside café, and pivot when inspiration strikes—it’s a siren song that refuses to be silenced.

  • The Fear of Stagnation
    Routine breeds complacency. After 19 years, I fear becoming stagnant—a cog rusting in place. The thought of waking up one day, realizing I’ve spent decades chasing promotions and pay raises without truly growing—it terrifies me. So, I choose uncertainty over stagnation. I’ll learn new skills, explore uncharted industries, and embrace discomfort.


In the grand tapestry of life, my decision not to join another job after 19 years might be a bold stroke—a splash of color on a canvas of convention. It’s a declaration that my worth isn’t solely defined by a job title or a paycheck. Instead, it lies in the stories I write, the connections I foster, and the impact I make beyond office walls.

So, here’s to the road less traveled—the one where I chase dreams, defy norms, and dance to my own rhythm. If you’re at a similar crossroads, consider joining me. Let’s create our own narrative—one that transcends the mundane and embraces the extraordinary.

P.S. If you’re reading this, I’ve already taken the leap.

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