Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I miss riding my bike and going for a long ride

Being struck in the office, I quite miss riding the motorcycle and going for a long ride every now and then.

In the past, I didn't want to wake up each day and every day for the rest of my life wishing how I have had a bike and not been happy. I have had the most fun part of my life with my motorcycles and with the like-minded buddies.

A famous YouTube moto-vlogger by the name of "CycleCruza" once said - "It's better to live it up now while you can and live a good life now and die young, then live to be 100 and have the most lonely, boring life ever!

Who knows ?? May be I could die tomorrow, heck I could die today crossing the road while going for my lunch. But if I do die, at least I will die happy knowing that I did what I love to do most.

You understand what I'm getting at here? If you want a bike that bad, then get it! Just because you got in a bad wreck doesn't mean you should never ride again. I know a lot of people that wrecked on a motorcycle. They still ride! Do what you wanna do man! If you have the money for that bike, GO GET IT MAN!

Hope I helped and keep the rubber side down.

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