Monday, March 29, 2010

Entering NEPSE

NEPSE...the word was very much alien to me before I came to know about it. I was shocked to hear that people earned as much as 600% profit in Secondary Market and became Crorepati in matters of months. I am also a human being and was lured into it.

Without knowing how exactly it works, and even now I don't know very much, I am not very sure about the technical terms still, I plunged into NEPSE last year by starting in IPOs. The first one was the Debenture Share of Everest Bank Ltd. Well being naive and having no experience at all, I put into a big amount with my own name. Very Bad way of entering as the amount got stuck for nearly 4 months without any interest. I got afraid and didn't plunged into it for next couple of months. Then came Kaski finance. In Share market, y0ur head should work rather than your heart. But being a Kaskeli myself, I couldn't help myself. But this time around I put the IPOs in the name of my whole family. Luckily I was allotted and my luck, from that time onwards, NEPSE decided to give interest as well.

After the shares got listed, I came to know it was worthy of applying for IPOs as it's market value rose to above 900 which was 9 fold. I couldn't hide my grin and boasting of it around. Then I kept on applying and luckily had been allotted on some as well. Then came the biggest mistake, I followed my heart. Since my accounts were in NIB, I decided to buy a hefty number of shares of NIB in secondary market. It was that day and now, I am wondering why I decided to play that risky game. NEPSE has plunged into the lowest point in a decade and I have nearly lost a couple of months salary even if I sell the shares now.

It was a experience I couldn't hide as it taught me how to manage the monetary values and now, even though the NEPSE is plunging I am wondering and making my guts to bore deep into my pockets and still be a player in the losing NEPSE, hopeful that eventually returning as a WINNER.

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